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Take control of your future.

You've earned it.

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70% of businesses do not succeed from one generation to another.

Don’t Become a Statistic

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Only ...

20% of businesses currently have a succession plan in place.

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Succession Planning

“When times are good we don’t seem to have time for it

and when times are bad we say we don’t have money for it.

The result is that we don’t do it.”

William J. Rothwell

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Take The First Step

The road to your future always begins with the first step

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Most business owners acknowledge the need to plan for their exit from the business,

but many simply don’t know where to start.


Laying out your exit path isn’t simply a way out; it’s building and navigating the road to your ideal outcome.

That’s where we can help. That’s our passion.

Whether you hope to transition from your business in the near future, or years down the road, EKSIT Strategies offers services uniquely structured to assist business owners in navigating through the phases of the inevitable transition of their business. Beginning with our highly regarded “First Step” process, we offer customizable planning and execution services designed to help you understand and consider all of your options, create an actionable plan, and drive the process of unlocking the wealth in your business.

There are many companies out there that can provide solutions to pieces of the puzzle; the EKSIT team excels in being able to put the pieces together in order to create – and execute – on the future that you envision.


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